My name is Jason and I am a web developer based in Oamaru in New Zealand. I create hand coded and designed websites and have developed sites for small and large businesses and schools. Whether you already have a complete design or only a vague idea of what you want, I can help you through the process. This means that I can work with you from start to finish, or any point in between, to help you have the website that works perfectly for you and your audience.

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About Me

I started doing web design in the late 1990's using Microsoft Notepad to create basic pages on the now defunct hosting site geocities. After that I started working on educational software, moved to London for a year with my Wife and once we came back, working full time managing servers and doing IT support, moving across to web design. After moving to Oamaru 8 years ago with my family, we instantly fell in love with and put down roots here. Since then I have been working from home doing web design as well as looking after our son previous to him starting school (also who AyJay Design is named after).

Even though the tools I use have been upgraded since starting in notepad (I now primarily use Notepad++ and also Dreamweaver if needed), I still primarily code by hand as I find it helps with the understanding of the site, as well as cutting down on unnecessary, bloated code that slows down rendering of websites. It also means the sites are much easier to maintain as they are written with that in mind, so even a intermediate computer user could update text on the sites.

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